Frequently Asked Questions

Besides getting a high quality education, you will: experience new cultures, make friends from different countries, become more independent, develop a global perspective and critical thinking skills, get prepared for a better job, improve your language skills, learn from experts, and travel to new places, among other benefits.
MSc and MA refer to Master of Science and Master of Arts, respectively. These degrees, generally, require performing scientific research. MEng is the acronym of Master of Engineering. This degree usually requires to complete a coursework, and in some cases, a final project. DSc and PhD refer to Doctorate in Science and Doctor of Philosophy, respectively. For these degrees, performing scientific research is mandatory.
The length of graduate programs varies depending on factors as, for example, the type of university you want to attend (e.g., research/teaching university) and the type of degree you want to pursue (i.e., Masters/PhD/DSc). Generally, a masters degree takes at least one and a half years to be completed, while a doctoral degree can take at least 3 or 4 years.
To study abroad, you need to be accepted by a university and hold a valid visa. GradME offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to help you succeed with: your application and admission paperwork, your academic life, and your professional future. Contact us and let us help you in achiving your goals.
There are many options to choose from. The United States is one of the most popular destinations. Contact us to explore all your options.
The cost of studying abroad depends on several factors, as for example, the university you will attend and the duration of the program you will pursue. Many students do not need to pay for their masters or doctoral studies since they get to work for the University as teaching or research assistants (TA/RA). Students working as TAs or RAs get paid a monthly stipend (along with full or partial tuition), which allows them to pay for their personal expenses (e.g, rent, transportation, meals, etc.).
Working and studying at the same time is possible. Some countries (e.g., the United States) allow international students to work on campus. Under certain conditions, international students can do internships or work before getting their degree.
You can start as soon as you feel ready to do it. GradME is committed to work with you immediately. Contact us!
GradMe listens carefully to what you want to achieve. Our sessions are designed to identify your information needs, and allocate sufficient time to provide you with effective and precise solutions. We encourage you to join us in a first free session of 15 minutes for us to explain you how GradMe works, and also to assess which stage of your academy journey you're in. Based on our initial assessment, you can schedule a follow-up session of 1 hour and get the most out of our expertise. The 1-hour session consists of 40 minutes of research by our GradCoaches, and 20 minutes for results presentation and discussion with you. According to your information needs, you can always sign up for more sessions. Our current 40%-off promotional price is US$30 (American Dollars) per hour. The promotional price expires by December 31st, 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice. Discounts to recurrent customers may apply. More details about pricing, recurrent sessions, and payment options are provided by e-mail to customers requesting our services and attending the first free session of 15 minutes. If you are interested in our services, fill out the service request form).