Grad Stories

Xi Zhao (China)

Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, West Virginia State University, USA

“If you have no clue on your research interests, [I suggest you to] start with a master's program. Find your goal and motivate yourself as early as possible.”

Raquel Jiménez (Dominican)

Master Student in Logistics and Operations Management, ENAE Business School, Spain

“I was granted with a scholarship from a government institution and was provided with most of the information that students have to typically look for and search on their own ... I wish I had more information about different types of degree recognition in Spain and the acceptance they have if they are from a public or private college. When I arrived I realized that particularly in Spain a master's degree from a public school have a higher recognition than one from a private institution.”

Abdullah Mahmoud (Egypt)

PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering,The Johns Hopkins University, USA

“A good advisor is everything you need for your graduate school to be a wonderful life experience. I wish I had known more about the resources outside the university that are available for graduate students. Also I wish I had answered the question academia or industry? earlier. Generally, it took me sometime to get used to the life in the US, and I wish I knew more about it earlier.”

Fanny Nina Paravecino (Peruvian)

PhD in Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, USA

“Grad school was a great experience! One of the most important things to know when pursuing a graduate degree is that you need a lot of patience to yourself.”

Taylan Topcu (Turkish)

PhD Student in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, USA

“My grad school experience has been a life changing journey. It has not only altered my perception of life, but also allowed me pursuing knowledge while meeting exceptional people who share a similar passion”

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