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Service Fees: Our sessions are designed to identify your information needs, and allocate sufficient time to provide you with effective and precise solutions. We encourage you to join us in a first free session of 15 minutes for us to explain you how GradMe works, and also to assess which stage of your academy journey you're in. Based on our initial assessment, you can schedule a follow-up session of 1 hour and get the most out of our expertise. The 1-hour session consists of 40 minutes of research by our GradCoaches, and 20 minutes for results presentation and discussion with you. According to your information needs, you can always sign up for more sessions. Our current 40%-off promotional price is US$30 (American Dollars) per hour. The promotional price expires by December 31st, 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice. Discounts to recurrent customers may apply. More details about pricing, recurrent sessions, and payment options are provided by e-mail to customers requesting our services and attending the first free session of 15 minutes.