I’d like to continue my studies

Did you know there is about one million international students in the United States? More than 80,000 people joined this group in 2015, seeking success and new experiences (Institute of International Education Inc., 2016).

Studying abroad will allow you to obtain a higher quality education and open up new opportunities in the future. The process is easier than you may think!

Stage 1

If you are interested in studying abroad, it is very likely that you have many questions such as, what should I do to apply? Where should I go? What are my options?

How can we help you?
We invite you to participate in an initial session to talk about your concerns so that we can provide you with clear and useful answers to help you exploring potential options. We would help you to:

It is important to decide the type of degree you want to achieve (associate, bachelor, master or doctorate degree), and choose the best possible program - based on ranking, prestige, and quality of both programs and institutions.
Universities have general requirements such as minimum GPA and academic background, among others.
Getting ready to apply for admissions can take from days to months. It is important to carefully plan the process by considering multiple application deadlines.
Education can be costly, so many international students apply for financial aid, including scholarships, assistantships, and/or loans.
From the method of evaluation to the duration of academic periods, educational systems can vary significantly among countries. Becoming aware of those differences will help you making better decisions based on your needs and goals.